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Sell Your
Junk Car!

When you are trying to get rid of a junk car or get cash for your junk car, the process is often needlessly complicated. Far too many companies make the car collection process an endless hassle. They also make the process uncomfortable so that you are exasperated enough to just want your vehicle gone, never mind the fact that you did not get a fair sale. Interstate Auto Buyers wants to put an end to this awful process, and wants you to be happy with your junk car removal.

Interstate Auto Buyers is a company in San Diego that purchases used cars. We are particularly looking for individuals who want an easy, hassle-free way to sell their old vehicles. We want our auto buying process to be safe, so we can pick up your junk car somewhere away from your home, in a more comfortable location.

Selling your junk car to Interstate Auto Buyers also has other benefits. Not having to drive your junk car to our location is also a huge relief for many of our customers. We know that fighting you way through traffic in the San Diego area is quite the bother, and in order to make the process much easier, we are able to come to you to get the vehicle. With our vehicle pickup service, you don’t have to deal with making arrangements to transport the vehicle and get back home. We will pick it up at your earliest convenience, and get the money from your sale to you as soon as possible.

Selling a car should be a painless process and as a result we’ve tried to make dealing with our company safe, easy, and extremely fast. Interstate Auto Buyers wants your business, and we want you to be happy with our customer service. We want to make sure that if you are trying to get cash for junk cars, you are fully satisfied and get the best payout for your vehicle. Please consider Interstate Auto Buyers if you are looking to sell a junk car. We want to give you the best car selling experience. Contact us today to sell your junk car in an easy, painless process.


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I sold Interstate Auto Buyers a car a few years ago, and continue to use them for my car selling needs. They are an awesome company, and have a very courteous staff. Seriously, if you've got a car you want to sell give them a call.