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The Simple Way To Sell A Car

What do you do when you need to make some quick cash by selling your car? Call the purchasing professionals in San Diego – Interstate Auto Buyers. Selling a car via the old fashion methods takes time and can be a hassle. We take the work out of selling an auto so you get the money you deserve. Why Hassle?

Interstate is a hassle free way to sell a car. Once we get the call, a purchasing agent will come to you – no need to bring the car to our location. If time is a critical factor, then calling Interstate just makes sense. We come out to where the car is and complete the transaction on the spot.

Why Take the Risk?

It is a dangerous world; one where inviting anyone to your home through the Internet is a risk. Instead of selling blind, consider the better option, go with a professional company when you say to yourself, “It’s time to sell my car.” Using online classifieds means you deal with people you don’t even know – a faceless entity behind a computer screen. Even if you meet them somewhere other than your home, you are taking a chance.

Why Use Our Service?

Is that Real?
The other risk in selling anything via classified ads or an online service is counterfeiting. Technology has brought high-quality printing and scanning right to homes. Anything certified used to mean protection, but in today’s market, it is too easy to replicate or alter currency. A certified bank checks are stolen or printed with a laser system, even cash is not a sure thing anymore. If a stranger drives off with your car, there is no way point the police in their direction if they pay with counterfeit funds.

Dealing with a professional service like Interstate adds a layer of security to selling your car. You know the funds you are getting are genuine. There is no mystery man driving off with your car after giving you worthless paper.
Fast Service
Safe handling
Secure transaction

When It Is Time To Sell Your Car Contact Interstate Auto Buyers

These are reasons you want to call the professionals when it is time to sell. Whether facing a budget crisis, moving out of the area or just buying a new car, Interstate will give a fair price for your automobile. We come to you. There is no need to worry about how you are going to get the car to a lot. Don’t settle for a risky transaction from some stranger who called from an online ad. Sell your car the safe and easy way with Interstate Auto Buyer.


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I sold Interstate Auto Buyers a car a few years ago, and continue to use them for my car selling needs. They are an awesome company, and have a very courteous staff. Seriously, if you've got a car you want to sell give them a call.